Core Bounty Program

We’ve put a bounty on specific engine cores!

As the company who remanufactured your engine, we may want to purchase your original engine core from you. The core is our critical “raw material” in the remanufacturing process.

Unfortunately, some older engine cores are very difficult to find, which is why we’re making offers on specific cores.

If you were charged a core deposit at time of sale, this program DOES NOT apply to you. Your engine core is already eligible for reimbursement upon its return.

Let’s get started in four EASY steps:

  1. Complete information in the form below. Your responses will assist us in evaluating your core and determining if an offer can be made.
  2. One of our trained, technical staff will review your request, and based on your core, we will send you an offer via email.
  3. Reply back to that email, agreeing to our offer.
  4. Our staff will issue a shipping request to pick up your core.
  5. Once your core is received and inspected, we’ll mail a Visa/MasterCard “gift” card to the address you specify.

Please note that we only collect this information for our Core Bounty Program and for customer service as needed. We do not sell or share the information you provide below with third parties.